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In Whitechapel, history isn't dead, it’s deadly.
Whitechapel KinkMeme (Repost) 
23 Apr, 2011
Whitechapel- Chandler/Kent <333
The "because every fandom needs one" Whitechapel Anon Kink Meme! Small fandoms don't tend to get that much fic, (as I'm sure we're all aware!) so hopefully an anon meme would make it easier. Of course, this doesn't *just* have to be a kink meme, many of these things end up turning up quite cutiesy after a while. But it'll be anon all the same. Right, rules, I'm more than a little like Chandler quite organised (or I try to be) so. Rules.

  • This is an anon-meme. You *may* post un-anon if you want but I've turned on anonymous posting. Hopefully just to encourage more people to post.

  • Please try and stick to the "if you make a request then you make a fill" rule, but as there's no way to check on this, it'll up to the goodness of your heart.

  • Anything goes really, but please put warnings/triggers in the subject line of your prompts/fills.

  • Let's say no RPF (for now) to avoid any and all legal problems.

  • Multiple fills ARE allowed. (This has been cropping up quite a bit recently and I think we're in agreement that there's never enough Whitechapel fanfic)

Yeah, I think that's it. Let the fic commence!


  • If your fill has a title, and you're linking it as opposed to writing the fic into the comment box please include the fic title alongside the link. Thank you.

  • With help from yorkshirewench, slowly but surely links to unfilled prompts are being listed as well.

Chandler/Kent: "Meet The Parents"
Chandler/Kent: Victorian!AU:Miles/Llewellyn: Affair "Not Her"
Chandler/Kent (pre-slash): Witness/suspect remark "Stichomythia"
Chandler/Kent: Chandler finds Kent crying "Ain't That Mister Mister?"
Chandler/Kent: Handjob in the loo, "Love The Circus" Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3
Chandler/Miles: Jerking off "Mutual Discretion"
Chandler/Kent: "I love you" "Persuasion"
Chandler/Kent: Desk!Sex "This Is My Apology"
Kent after Chandler's reprimand (series 2) "Pointing Fingers, Placing Blame"
Chandler/Kent + Jimmy Kray/Kent (non-con) The aftermath of the Kray attackChandler/Kent: Sex without a condom "Untitled Fill"
Chandler/Kent: Gift Exchange "The Best Gift Of All"
Chandler/Kent: Teacher/School-Boy (fic or art request.) "School Boy Error" Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 (WIP)
Chandler/Kent: Outdoor sexual activities "Untitled Fill"
Chandler/Miles: Angst "Untitled Fill"
Chandler/Kent: The night the incident room was burgled "The Garish Light Of Day" Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3
Chandler/Miles: Glasses Kink "Specs Appeal" SEQUEL (x)
Chandler/Kent: Trapped in a lift "Malfunctions of the Heart"
Chandler/OC: Chandler asks Miles to be his best man "Untitled Fic" Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3
Chandler/Mina + Chandler/Kent: "Should have known you were gay" "Oblivious" Chapter 1 | Chapter 2
Kent/OC, Chandler/Kent: Jealous!ChandlerChandler/Kent: Kent has flatmates (SPOILERS S3): "Intempestive" Chapter 1 (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3) Chapter 2 (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4) Chapter 3 (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5) (WIP) Two pieces of companion art (Art)
Miles/Kent: "Half Past Midnight"
Chandler/Kent: Maternal!Riley helped Kent: "Untitled"
Chandler/Kent: Harry Potter AU "Untitled"
Demon Hunting AU: "The Chosen" TeaserTeaser 2
Chandler/Kent: Kent has a (dangerous) stalker "The Secret Diaries of an Erotomaniac" Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 (WIP)
OC/Kent, Chandler/Kent: Kent in an abusive relationship "What doesn't kill you"
Chandler/Kent: "Perv" (SPOILERS S3) "Building Intimacy" Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5
Chandler/Kent: Dancing at the wedding (SPOILERS S3) "Untitled"
Chandler/Kent: Mina comments about Kent's affection for Chandler (SPOILERS S3) "You told me life was a risk"
Chandler/Kent: Failed relationship (asexual Chandler.) "Untitled" Chapter 1 | Chapter 2
Kent was right about Morgan (SPOILERS S3) "Snippit Fill"
Kraycest: Bloodplay "Sharks in the water" Chapter 1 | Chapter 2
Dark!Kent stalks Chandler: "Untitled"
Chandler/Miles: Miles can sing "Unexpected"
Kent/"stunning woman" "Untitled" Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 Chapter 3 | Chapter 4
Rentboy!Kent/Noble!Chandler AU: "The Making Of Him" Chapter 1 Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 (WIP)
Chandler/Kent: Kent taking charge "Ascendancy"
Alpha!Chandler/Omega!Kent: Omega!VerseChandler/Kent: Captured and one is tortured in front of the other orture/Violence warning. "You give me something to die for"
Chandler/Kent: Virgin Chandler's first time "Hot Water Bottle Theory"
Chandler/Kent: Sharing a bath: "Taking a Bath" (Art)
Asexual!Kent: "Ace of Hearts" Possible non-con
Chandler and a cat "The Inspector and the Cat: A Whitechapel Fairytale" Part 1 | Part 2 (WIP)
Genderbent!Kent: "Amore Si" (Art)
Unrequited Chandler/Kent: "Andrew In Drag" (video): "Always Been A Ladies Man"
Jane Austen AU: Untitled (Art)
Chandler/Miles: Miles has a Prince Albert piercing "Simple Curiosity" Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 (WIP)
Chandler/Kent: Kent asleep on Chander's coat:Ken masturbating to the smell of Tiger Balm, voyeur Chandler.Chandler/Kent: Holding hands at McCormack's funeral "Head Hung Low"
Chandler/Miles: Caught snogging "Before it all comes crashing down"
Chandler/Kent, Chandler/Morgan: "Jolene" (SPOILERS S3) "Jolene"
Chandler/Kent: Puppy Play "Bond"
Kent/Mansell: Friends with benefits, that becomes more. "Untitled"
Were-Krays/Horror AU. "By Tooth and Claw, Suit and Sword"
Chandler/Kent: Morgan helps Chandler come to terms with his feeling for Kent (SPOILERS S3) "EUREKA"
Chandler/Kent: Use of safeword "Stop"
Female!Kent: Chandler doesn't realise at first (bonus points for striping being positive in contrast to which could have happened.) "Everything Changes" [Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4]
Chandler/Kent: Chandler faces an identity crisis over Kent, humorous. "They're Not"
Chandler/Kent: Kent wearing Chandler's clothes. "a touch of cloth"
Chandler/(Kent?): Inspired by THIS post "Untitled"
Chandler's funeral quote (SPOILERS S3) "Just Him"
Gen: Kent needs help off duty and calls Chandler. "Not the evening he expected"
Chandler/Kent: Secret compartment (SPOILERS S3) "Time to stop clockwatching"
Chandler/Kent: Kent's ashamed/embarrassed of his scarring "Of Fear and Shame"
("Crossover: Sherlock") Kent wears an explosive vest, is used as the mouthpiece for a criminal. (re: The Great Game): "The Whitechapel Game" Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5
Chandler/Kent: Kent moves on from blind adoration, Chandler notices. "Untitled"
Chandler/Kent: Kent topping "Untitled"
Chandler/Kent: Anderson catching Chandler and Kent. Inspired by THIS "Everything You Want"
Gen: Emerson and Erica Kent grew up in an abusive home. tw: past abuse/child abuse "Untitled" Chapter 1 | Chapter 2
Chandler/Kent: (SPOILERS S4) Mansell e-mails Kent from Chandler's computer. "Not For One Minute"
Dark!Kent: One of Kent's flatmates kills someone. "Between Duty And Friendship" Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4
Chandler/Kent: Kent opening the door in Chandler's shirt to Commander Anderson. "Surprises Behind Closed Doors" Part 1 | Part 2
Jimmy Kray/Emerson Kent: Murder Spree "An Itch That Needs Scratched"
Chandler/Kent: Sweet, playful "honeymoon" sex "This is the beginning"
Chandler/Kent: Undercover as a gay couple "Who Holds Me Under"
Chandler/Kent: Kent is a single father. "Put Your Boots On And Let's Play"
Kent/Mansell: Smut. "Solitary Bliss"
Chandler/Kent: Kent falls into the river while on a case, Chandler panics and Miles suspects. "Between Us Now"

Chandler/Miles (x)
Chandler: OCD (x)
Chandler/Miles: Blowjob (x)
Chandler/Miles: Shoulder massage (x)
Chandler/Miles: "Do Not Hug Me" "I wasn't going to" "You were thinking about
it" (and he was) (x)
Chandler/Kent: Roleplay and D/s regarding difference in rank (x)
Chandler/Miles: Height difference (x)
"Out of everyone I really wish it hadn't been you." (x)
Chandler/Kent: Ukelele!Chandler (x)
Chandler/Miles: Drunken makeout (+ non-jealous Kent) (x)
Chandler/Miles: Mutual Masturbation (x)
Chandler/Miles: comfort (x)
Chandler/Miles: Late night at the office (x)
Chandler/Kent: Winged!Kent (x)
Chandler/Kent: Riding, clothed!Chandler, naked!Kent (x)
Chandler/Anderson: Series 2 (x)
Chandler: "Shake it out" Florence + The Machine (Fanvid) (x)
Chandler/Kent: Chandler coming in his pants (x)
Chandler/Miles, w/ OC and onesided Chandler/Kent: Jealous sex (x)

Chandler/Miles: Relaxing post-OCD (x)
Chandler/Kent: "You should never shag above your ranks!" (SPOILERS S3) (x)
Kent: Post attack Series 2 (x)
Kent's flat/flatmates was the one attacked in Episode 2 (SPOILERS S3) (x)
Chandler/Miles: "I'm right behind you" (SPOILERS S3) (x)
Chandler/Miles: daddy!kink (x)
Chandler/Buchan: "Talk nerdy to me!" (x)
Chandler/Buchan: Pushy Bottom (x)
Chandler/Buchan/Miles: (Snarky remarks) (x)
Kent/Mina: Hate!sex (x)
Chandler/Mina: Getting clean together (x)
Chandler/Anyone: "I want you to be the father of my child" (SPOILERS S3) (x)
Chandler/Miles: Looking after the baby (SPOILERS S3) (x)
Mina/Chandler: Pegging (x)
Chandler/Kent: Kent in silk underwear (x)
Buchan/Riley: adorable, married, crime history geeks. (x)
Chandler/Kent: Jealousy and secretly dating (SPOILERS S3) (x)
(Eva Mansell)/Mansell/Kent/(Chandler): Variations there upon (x)
(Chandler/)Kent: Kent giving a speech (x)
Chandler/Kent: After the crossroads (SPOILERS S3) (x)

(Crossover: Sherlock) Kent's flatmates are Sherlock, John, Jim and
Sebastian. (x)
Chandler + Miles (PICTURE PROMPT) (x)
(Crossover: Supernatural/Being Human) Kent is a Hunter, and flatshares with
Mitchell, George and Annie. (x)
Miles/Chandler: rage kissing after Chandler goes after the boogieman
Chandler/Kent: Abusive relationship (abusive Kent. Domestic Violence
Chandler/Kent: Team plays matchmaker. (x)
(Chandler/Kent): Team bodyswapping fic. (x)
Chandler/Miles: Miles is angry post-ep 3x5 (SPOILERS S3) (x)
Kent: One day Kent flips (x)
Chandler + Miles: Miles falling asleep on Chandler's shoulders. (x)
Chandler/Miles: Shaving kink (x)
Chandler was talking about asking Kent out, not Morgan (SPOILERS S3) (x)
AllGrownUp!Protective!Kent and Chandler (x)
Chandler/Kent, Kent centric: If I Die Young by The Band Perry (songfic
request) (x)
Porn Star AU (x)
Titanic AU: Chandler draws Kent like one of his French girls? (x)
Magic AU (x)
Chandler/Kent, Chandler/Morgan: Attempted suicide tw: suicide (x)
Chandler/Miles: Adrenaline fueled kissing (x)

Criminal AU (x)
(Crossover Doctor Who 2011 X-Mas special) Chandler/Kent: Kent as the WW2
co-pilot (x)
Chandler/Miles OR Mansell: bladder desperation (x)
Chandler/Kent: Match!Maker Miles, Series 3 AU with Kent as a Morgan type
character (x)
Chandler/Kent: Daddy!Kink (x)
Chandler/Kray brother: Collecting DNA in a different way (x)
Chandler/Kent: Handcuffs (x)
Chandler/Kent: Spanking (x)
Chandler/Kent: rimming that is never reciprocated (fill it here) (x)
Kent is made DS, people suspect a Chandler/Kent relationship. (x)
Chandler/Kent: Glory Hole (x)
Chandler/Kent: Truth or Dare (x)
Chandler/Kent: Kent is a part-time dancer in a bar re: "Coyote Ugly" (x)
(Crossover: Lewis) Hathaway/Kent flirting, (Chandler/Kent endgame) (x)
(Chandler/)Kent: Public, consensual, humiliation/spanking (x)
Chandler/Kent: Humiliation Kink (Kent) (x)
Chandler/Miles: Height kink (x)
Chandler/Kent: (fem)Kent as an Olympian. (x)
Chandler/Miles: Tight space, accidental erection. (x)

Chandler/Kent: Kent fluent in a second language. (x)
Chandler/Kent: Awkward first time, that ends up good in the end. (x)
Chandler/Miles: Miles giving and Chandler receiving blowjobs as stress
relief. (x)
Gen or Chandler/Kent: “Mack The Knife” (x)
Gen or Chandler/Kent: Heartbreaking, character death, angst, etc. (x)
Gen: Miles hates K-pop, someone in the office keeps playing it. (x)
Chandler/Kent: AU, Chandler gets a suit fitted by Saville Row boy, Kent. (x)
Chandler/Miles: Jealous and possessive Chandler over "his" sergeant. (x)
Gen: Chandler develops an eating disorder. (hurt/comfort). (x)
Chandler/Miles: Riding, fully clothed. (x)
Chandler/Kent: Drunk!Kent kissing Chandler at an event. (x)
Chandler/Kent: Wall sex, Chandler topping. (x)
Chandler/Other: Non-Con tw: non-con (x)
Gen: Kent as a BAMF (x)
Kent/Jimmy or Kent/Johnny: dating after the construction worker disguise.
Inspired by THIS (x)
(Crossover: Lewis) Hathaway/Kent: Happily Ever After (x)
Gen: 5 Times Chandler didn't care what happened to himself (and got yelled
at by his team) and one time he did. (x)
Buchan/Miles: Unrequited (x)
Morgan/Chandler(/Kent): Series 3 AU where Morgan survives & Chandler/Kent
have an affair. (x)
Chandler/Mansell/Chandler. (x)

Chandler/Kent: victim!Kent (x)
Chandler/Miles: Platonic to non-platonic kisses. (x)
Tom Knight/Kent: (With possibility of jealous Chandler.) (x)
Gen: Chandler centric H/C (x)
Chandler/Fem!Kent (x)
Chandler/Kent: (SPOILERS S4) A reaction to Miles' "try over there" from
Episode 1 (x)
Chandler/Kent: Kent is a single father. (x)
Chander/Kent: (SPOILERS S4) Kent has Chandler's name tattooed on his chest.
Emerson Kent/Erica Kent: (SPOILERS S4) "We came into this world together, we
belong together" The twins are in an incestuous relationship together. (x)
Chandler/Miles: (SPOILERS S4) Miles introduces Chandler to his artist
friends. Chandler finds Miles' art knowledge attractive. (x)
Chandler/Kent: Established relationship, and an argument at home starts to
affect them at work. (x)
Chandler/Kent: A sex-centric (both wanting more) affair which the team jokes
about. (x)
Buchan: Preferably slash. (x)
Chandler/Kent: (SPOILERS S4) The explosion doesn't happen and Chandler and
Kent have their first date. (x)
Chandler/Kent: Cute. (x)
Chandler/Miles: (SPOILERS S4) Angst post episode 6, slurred conversation and
kisses. (x)
Chandler/Riley: Two bottles of wine, "Oh shit, god no... I'm so sorry..." (x)
Chandler/Kent: What's got Chandler so happy? (x)

Naval!AU: Captain Chandler and his team on an old ship. (x)
Chandler/Kent + Chandler/Mina: Jealous Kent leads to Kent investigating alone. (x)
Chandler/Kent: Secret admirer (x)
Chandler/Kent: Road Trip (x)
Chandler/Kent:Chandler & Kent think that they're being sneaky, but the team aren't stupid. (x)
Chandler/Kent: Valentine's Day, Kent sends Chandler a card. (x)
Chandler/Kent: Kent has a tattoo of Chandler's face. (x)
Chandler/Miles: In which Miles is bigger in some areas. Based on HERE (x)
Chandler/Kent: D/S with sub-Chandler. (x)
Demon!Kent and/or angel!Chandler (x)
Chandler with leg injuries, how they're revealed to the team. (x)
Chandler has asthma. (x)
Chandler/Kent, (fake!)Chandler/Erica and jealous!Kent (x)

23 Apr, 2011 (UTC)
Testing, Testing, 1 2 3
23 Apr, 2011 (UTC)
This is a great idea! :) Because I have to say... I've wondered why there's no Chandler/Miles on the comm...? And then, I suppose, I didn't dare ask...! So that's what I'm prompting - make it rampantly sexual if you like, but I'm happy with snogging - so long as it's proper slashy ;)
23 Apr, 2011 (UTC)
This wasn't written in response to your prompt but there's a fic here (http://archiveofourown.org/works/139043) you might be interested in reading.
23 Apr, 2011 (UTC)
Put the team, Chandler, Miles, Kent, everyone on the original Jack the Ripper investigation.


Victorian pornz please?


But if there has to be plot, there has to be plot. I guess.
(Deleted comment)
OP - Anonymous - Expand
(Deleted comment)
23 Apr, 2011 (UTC)
Something to do with Chandler's OCD could be very hot... Something about him not being able to touch, or maybe not being able to watch himself being touched... And who by? That's up to the author!
2 May, 2011 (UTC)
Not written for this prompt but contains elements that fit in with what you requested.

Don't Want To Kiss, Don't Want To Touch
23 Apr, 2011 (UTC)
Chandler giving Miles a blowjob :)
23 Apr, 2011 (UTC)
I have two prompts - both Chandler/Kent.

#1 First time having sex without a condom (specifically, how Chandler deals with it considering he likes things to be clean).

#2 They've been seeing each other for quite a while and Chandler meets Kent's parents for the first time.
25 Apr, 2011 (UTC) - FILL: #2 Meeting The Parents 1/2
(This might be slightly inspired by the Twitter RP, when Chandler met Kent's parents after staying over for Christmas dinner so neither of them had to be alone at Christmas; they ate chicken soup, fought over watching the Queen's speech and Chandler wore a festive jumper.And there was UST and suggestive fade-to-black moments.)

It was a complete accident the first time that Chandler met Emerson's parents. That wasn't to say that he'd been avoiding doing so, it was just that it hadn't seemed quite right.

And it wasn't even that they were keeping their relationship a secret- well, they had been for approximately the length of time it took Miles to walk into the office the morning after the 'night before' and scoff at them- it simply hadn't arrived in either of their thoughts. Well, certainly not in Chandler's mind.

And Emerson hadn't brought up the subject.

Chandler still lived alone in his flat, and Kent in his. There was little point in disrupting his lease, and Kent's rent wasn't ridiculously high for London. However Kent would spend the night at his roughly once a week, and occasionally Chandler would return to Kent's flat, for a weekend or when he just needed to belong somewhere.

Kent pressed the key into his palm just when Chandler was locking his office. He'd turned from flicking the light off- it was always easier to keep his demons under check when someone was watching them- and Kent was standing behind him.

"I've got a doctor's appointment, they want-" and here Kent's voice fell to little more than a whisper in the empty office "- to look at the scarring. No Joe, I don't want you there, it's bad enough. Just let yourself in, okay? There's something in the fridge, or freezer. I'll be a couple of hours at most."

Kent squeezed his hand over the curled fist of Joe's -key locked within it- just once before turning, collecting his helmet and walking out of the room.

He understood why Emerson didn't want him there, but, still it hurt.

Emerson's flat always seemed slightly too big for one person, and slightly too small for two. Chandler had said at first that it was claustrophobic, Kent had laughed -pressing his lips to Joe's cheek- saying it was cosy.

Chandler was contemplating the defrosting lasagna, that Kent had obviously set on the kitchen table de-frost that morning when there came a hesitant knock on the front door.

Kent -obviously- didn't have his keys with him, and his appointment should have been dealt with by this stage in the evening, it had been at least two hours.

He pulled the door too, schooling his features out of concern, into neutrality. Emerson didn't want a fuss, he just wanted to forget. Chandler couldn't just forget though.

It wasn't Kent on the other side of the door.

A man and a woman with tired, kind, recognisable faces. The woman interrupted his thought process with a frown and "Who on earth are you?!"

"I beg your pardon?"

Chandler stepped backwards, still frowning as the couple walked into the small hallway.

"This is my son's flat, and, my eyes might not be what they used to be, but you're certainly not my son. Do you mind explaining yourself."

Kent's father pushed the door of the flat to, it didn't click closed however, and Chandler resisted the urge to lean between them and close it properly. He doubted that could give a good impression.

He needed to leave an impression.

His shoes were polished in their place beside Emerson's slippers.
OP - Anonymous - Expand
Author - Anonymous - Expand
23 Apr, 2011 (UTC)

Chandler massaging Miles`s shoulders. it was meant as a friendly gesture, but the tension between them became sexual
23 Apr, 2011 (UTC)
yes, yes, yes!
we definitely need more fanfiction around here and...yes (:
now, a prompt...um. something about how kent feels after chandler has a massive go at him on the kray twins case, because i always felt that if i'd been in kent's shoes, i would have been massively angry and totally unwilling to forgive chandler. so :)
(Deleted comment)
24 Apr, 2011 (UTC)
Kraycest. With Jimmy still covered in blood from the fight with Chandler?
10 Mar, 2012 (UTC)
Dear prompt anon, I love your prompt. I never wrote either bloodplay or Whitechapel fic before, but I hope you like this anyways. I peppered it with quite a few bad words, because unlike the tv show, I'm allowed as many as I like.

Jimmy/Johnny - Sharks in the water 1

He does not like to admit it to himself, but Johnny likes the insanity.

You never know what state Jimmy will be in. Jimmy is wild, he's dangerous. Really fucking dangerous. Not only to their enemies, but to himself and to Johnny. But it's fucking beautiful to watch him, when the rage comes. You can see it racing under his skin. The tension that grows and grows until it unloads on whoever stands closest to him. You've never seen a spectacle like Jimmy Kray. Roll up, roll up, ladies and gents and behold: The fucking madman with a knife.

This game has gotten too tame. There's no more adrenaline in it. They've got the police, the government and the press in their pockets. Even the fucking gangsters are playing nice. Good money, real good money, but it's boring.

Jimmy on the other hand, he's not boring. He never was, never will be. Jimmy keeps Johnny on his toes.

Johnny can control Jimmy. To a degree. Johnny can control Jimmy like a snake charmer can control a snake. Johnny knows one days he's gonna get bit and it'll be the end of him. But when it does work, it makes him feel so alive. He gets that tingling in the tips of his fingers, like back in the day, when killing was new and exciting.

Jimmy walks into their mother's house and slams the door. That's a bad sign. Usually even Jimmy knows how much it upsets mum when they slam the doors. It's bad behavior, is what it is and their mum didn't raise brutes who don't respect their home.

Johnny follows Jimmy up the stairs. He's at the sink in the bathroom, washing his face. Johnny pushes the door open and leans against the frame.

"What happened to you?"

"That posh-boy policeman and I did a few rounds. Fucking Eton cunt."

Jimmy is inspecting his face in the mirror. His lip is a little swollen and a bruise is forming on his left cheek. The cut above his eyebrow is still bleeding slowly. A drop of blood rolls down the side of his face and falls into the red water in the basin below.

"He's still got your boy."

They exchange a glance. Jimmy starts to smile, but flinches. The movement is so small that it would be imperceptive for anyone but Johnny.

He steps up to Jimmy, takes his face into his left hand and turns his head for a better look. Johnny catches the drop of blood that was just forming with his fingertip. Jimmy and Johnny look each other square in the eyes and without breaking that contact, Johnny raises his finger to his lips and licks it.

"What will you do to him?"


Johnny hardly hears the answer as he's being pushed into wall of the bathroom. His head hits the baby blue tiles hard.

Jimmy is kissing him like he does everything: Fully, selfishly, putting everything on the line, as hard as he can, no two ways about it. Jimmy's recently punched lip must hurt fucking bad right now, but you wouldn't know it from the way he's kissing him.

Johnny fucking loves it. Loves the feel of Jimmy's lips on his. Loves knowing that Jimmy is feeling what he feels, because his lips are Jimmy's lips. His hands are Jimmy's hands, undoing buttons and tearing at clothes. There's nothing they don't know about each other, because they are the same. Jimmy's insanity is Johnny's insanity. Wholly theirs and only theirs.

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24 Apr, 2011 (UTC)
The affair that I've always believed Miles was having with Llewellyn in series 1?
2 May, 2011 (UTC) - Fic: Not Her Miles/Llewellyn
He loved Judy. He really did, loved her with all his heart, and loved his boys. It was just, sometimes the job got to him. Sometimes the carp weren't enough. They couldn't talk back and they didn't understand. She did.

She was the unofficial sixth member of their team, seventh after Chandler took the position of DI officially. He'd ended it by then, it had been over before the Ripper, way before.

They'd been friends before, and they stayed friends after. Laughing and joking about the crime scenes as though they were just film sets. It didn't seem so disrespectful to have a joke when it was with her. He'd snap at the boys if they over stepped the mark. He told himself that it was 'cause she wasn't quitea member of the team, and he didn't have any control over her.

It was just something that had happened, there had been a triple homicide -a family annihilator, mother killing her husband and two sons before trying to commit suicide- and they'd still not sent them a decent DI and his boys were that age. He'd come out from the mortuary and broken down before he got to his office.

She was still dressed in her overalls when she came to him.

A smearing of blood on the cuff.

It would have been shocking if he wasn't so relieved that none of the team caught up on it. That there was something up. But Fitz was enjoying playing DS (without an Inspector Miles assumed the position) MacCormack and Sanders were focussed on their mates rather than their jobs and Kent- only just joined- had no way of telling whether anything was up.

It lasted months.

Perhaps they didn't notice, because they didn't act as though anything was different. They had always teased and bickered. He only noticed how friendly they were when Chandler looked over at them over his first body.

It ended just as soon. It wasn't a love relationship, it was nothing more than need and friendship combined. They both had people, they weren't alone and they wanted each other. Judy had shouted at him -over something so mundane- and he'd heard muffled tears from the top of the stairs. He'd done the same, when he was a kid, sitting on the stairs and listening to his mum and dad yell at each other. He remembered hearing his dad talk to Ronnie Kray.

She was pregnant. It was clear under her overalls, looking over which ever body there was between them.

It was mutual. She wanted it over too, it had been fun, but they both needed to move on. She was happy with Johnny, and she just wanted to go back to normal.

He never asked who the father of her kid was.

He trusted that she'd tell him if he needed to know.
25 Apr, 2011 (UTC)
How about a Chandler/Kent fic where a witness or a suspect thinks they are together and makes some sort of remark about it (whether it's a nice one or a bad one that's up to the author), this then gives them both a little nudge towards some slashieness! ;-)

I may have a go at one of these prompts, but I'm not sure yet. :-) x
25 Apr, 2011 (UTC)
I might have to claim this prompt to come back too. It looks fun. Watch this space!
25 Apr, 2011 (UTC)
Chandler in bed, jerking off , while he`s thinking about Miles.
19 Jun, 2011 (UTC) - Fic: Mutual Discretion
“I’m not gay."

His eyes drift shut, his hand leisurely fisting his cock. It’s a warm night and he’s pushed the sheet down to the bottom of the bed. He’s exhausted. He’s only just got back from the hospital and has to be up for work again in three hours. He moans as he feels his flesh harden beneath his hand.

They’ve failed spectacularly in catching the Ripper but Miles – thank God – is going to be okay. He should be thinking about all the tedious reports that will need filing and the upcoming debriefing he’ll have to undergo. Instead, he can’t get Miles’ words out of his head.

“No, well, no one is on the job.”

What did that mean exactly? Had Miles been dropping some kind of hint that he himself was gay? He had a wife and children but of course that wasn’t conclusive proof one way or the other. He was probably just being kind; believing Joe to be gay and trying to assure him that it didn’t make any difference.

Still, just the idea that Miles might be gay makes him marvel at the possibilities. It doesn’t change anything of course; after all, he won’t act on any of these feelings, but the potential is there and that’s all he needs to entertain fantasies of him and Miles together.

He stretches his body out on the bed, his feet tangling in the sheet. He palms the tip of his cock once, twice, then again, smearing the moisture gathered there before speeding up his pace.

He could always go to Kent. He doesn’t believe he’d have any objections if he propositioned him but it wouldn’t be fair to make a young kid like him feel obliged and the last thing he wants or needs is a charge of sexual harassment filed against him.

Coming out in the police force when you’re fast tracking your way to the top is professional suicide. It doesn’t matter that opinions are a lot more liberal now than they were a few years ago. Not that he’ll be fast tracking his way anywhere after his meeting with the Commander tomorrow but whatever happens, he knows he’s got to remain discreet.

If only he could find out for sure, he and Miles could be discreet together. A subtle but meaningful nod in the direction of the gent’s loos and a few minutes later they could be pressed up against a cubicle wall, working their dicks together. And if Kent or McCormack just happened to come in to use the facilities, they could pause with their hands over each other’s mouths, panting hotly through slick fingers until all was silent again and they could resume. A mutual release of tension with no one any the wiser.

The scene, so vivid in his mind, reaches its conclusion and he moans as he spills over his fingers, his breathing harsh and loud in the stillness of the room. When he recovers sufficiently, he reaches over and gropes blindly for a tissue on top of the cabinet beside his bed. He really should have a shower but he feels too loose and relaxed to bother getting up now. He gives himself a cursory wipe clean and drops the tissue over the side of the bed. He manages to wait ten full seconds before he groans in frustration, his OCD forcing him to retrieve it and flush it down the toilet, despite his desperate need for sleep.

He pulls the sheet up over him as he climbs back into bed and settles down with a contented sigh, sleep not far behind.
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26 Apr, 2011 (UTC)
Chandler giving Kent a handjob in the mens' loos.
27 Apr, 2011 (UTC)
Love this prompt!
26 Apr, 2011 (UTC)
Not kink at all. Much more cutesie (I can't help it I'm a romantic at heart!) A Chandler/Kent fic about When they say 'I love you' for the first time. Who say's it first, how the other reacts and under what circumstances it is said is up to the person who takes up the prompt.
9 Jun, 2011 (UTC)
I'll try to take up this one. I've never been one to write any kink (tried it once, ended in a disaster) but I love anything cute and fluffy. My last exams are over tomorrow, I might start writing on the trainride home.
(Deleted comment)
2 May, 2011 (UTC)
Chandler/Kent - Outdoor sexual activities, e.g. when out on a lead for a case
14 May, 2011 (UTC)
I totally read this as one of them being on a lead - that's a whole other prompt ;p
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14 May, 2011 (UTC)
Chandler/Kent, Chandler finds Kent crying in the toilets/car park
17 May, 2011 (UTC)
Ain't That Mister Mister?

It's more pre-slash I'm afraid, but I hope it will do.
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15 May, 2011 (UTC) - You were thinking about it
Chandler really wanted to give Miles that hug.

And he can`t stop imagining it, how it would feel to have his DS in his arms, rest his head on his shoulder and stroke his fingers through his gray hair.
7 Jun, 2011 (UTC)
A fic where Kent tells Chandler exactly what happened to him on the night when the incident room was burgled. What did the uniforms say and do to Kent to make him so scared? It would be fab if was Chandler/Kent slash ;-)
9 Jun, 2011 (UTC)
Amazing prompt, I've always wanted to know what happened in that scene we didn't see.
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12 Jun, 2011 (UTC)
A fic where Chandler and Kent's difference in rank is acknowledged in the bedroom with some sexy roleplay and a little D/s.
12 Jun, 2011 (UTC) - Height Difference
The height difference between Chandler and Miles set of my hight!kink big time!

I would love a fic that focus on that.How Chandler have to lean down to snogg Miles, how he can easily pin him against a wall. And all that good stuff. <3 <3
13 Jun, 2011 (UTC)
"Out of everyone, I really wish it hadn't been you."
18 Jun, 2011 (UTC)
Chandler playing the ukelele.


I'm sure this can be worked into being a kink somehow, music kink perhaps?

(Inspired by the fact that RPJ tweeted that Yes the uke keeps me sane during all the lonely hours in my trailer. and Only been playing since I got back from filming treasure island in feb. I'm rubbish but love it and THIS (http://yfrog.com/h8i2rayij) picture.)
28 Jun, 2011 (UTC) - glasses
Chandler has a glasses!kink, Miles knows this and take advantage of it <3

come on! I can`t be the only one who think Philip Davis looks sexy as hell with glasses on!!
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
17 Jul, 2011 (UTC) - Drunk and affectionate

The boys are having fun and drinking.
Drunk!Chandler and Drunk!Miles are very touchy with each other.

bonus if:
Someone have to prevent them from snogging each other.
Kent is not in love with Chandler and therefore is not jealous, just weirded out like the others.
17 Jul, 2011 (UTC)
Chandler/Kent - desk!Sex :-D
(Deleted comment)
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